I honor me... inspired through "Permission to Mourn"

$33.00 - $36.00
  • I honor me... inspired through "Permission to Mourn"

Designed/Concepted by a class member... Gayle Blank... Inspired from the Permission to Mourn: A Deep Dive Module 1,

This is a new design to remind us we need to honor ourselves first to honor what we love and receive love...

We have also upgraded our T-shirts to the "Allmade" T-shirt... these shirts are even softer than the others we have used, and they make an impact on our planet by reclaiming and recycling plastic bottles and using that as part of the garment materials. You are literally helping "clean up the oceans" by buying these shirts! Learn more about allmade here: https://allmade.com

There will be a few style/shirt options on so please look for those on here!

***Please know that there could be some substitutions made on garments based on sizes and color availability! These are very popular shirts and inventory fluctuates!